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Hunt's Instant Trees is a Ballito based company (North Coast of KwaZulu- Natal) specializing in Big Tree and Palm harvesting and relocating, supply and planting of most tree species around Durban, uMhlanga, Ballito and the rest of KwaZulu-Natal.

We pride ourselves in achieving the almost impossible but always uphold safety and professionalism at all times when planting. Most trees and plants are supplied from our own nursery and tree farm which is local on the North Coast of KZN. We have a excellent track record for implementing landscapes of all sizes on time and budget and on standard.
Many years in the industry has lent itself for us to act as plant brokers for all kinds of projects as well as the export of trees, palms and various plant material all over the world.

Replanting and relocation of mature trees is a core part of our business and the Hunt's Instant Trees Team are arguably some of the most experienced people in the large tree relocation business. 

The Transplanting Process 

When moving large trees, the plants are dug carefully by hand so as to not damage the roots. They are dug to a certain depth and then shrink rapped in order to protect the roots and keep the soil on the root system so as to prevent shock setting in to the plant before lifting.
Thereafter plants are pruned and a certain amount of leaves are removed so as to prevent wilting and water loss in the plant. Leaves are tied up and sometimes rapped depending on kind of transport used.
Trees or palms are transported on flat bed trucks or on the backs of Crane trucks to place of planting. Some times special road escorts are used for abnormally large trees.
Once at their new home, trees or palms are placed by cranes into specially prepared holes that are also dug by hand to a specific size and depth to allow plant to be planted at its original ground level which is vital for its survival.

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